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About EMDR Therapy of Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Christie Sprowls and Dr. Priscilla Marquis

About Dr. Christie Sprowls and Dr. Priscilla Marquis’ Partnership: We met while during a training in Argentina in 1997 as part of the Spanish speaking team from the U.S. We instantly felt like kindred spirits. Since then, we have taught and trained together in many countries and disaster sites. We worked together in New Orleans, shortly after Hurricane Katrina. We trained together in Mexico City. We brought an independent EMDR training project to Cuba as part of a series of preconference workshops. We have shared many adventures. Christie and Priscilla feel a strong desire to share our enthusiasm for effective EMDR treatment of Anxiety Disorders and wellness of both clients and clinicians. We hope you will join us at a workshop or enjoy our distance learning on EMDR Therapy for Anxiety Disorders. We have designed this website as a resource for your with references and resources for your work with individuals suffering from anxiety. 

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EMDR Anxiety Disorders Treatment

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We are excited to announce our new EMDR Therapy Anxiety Disorders Distance Learning!

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